Bree is My Bling Bling

Monday, March 27, 2006


We watched the movie "Aquamarine" yesterday.

Emma Roberts (Julia's niece) from the TV show "Unfabulous" is one of the co-stars in Aquamarine, which is why Sabrina has been bugging us to watch this movie.

It's a cute movie, not very realistic, as it's about a mermaid who was given a chance to be a human for about 3 days. Not very original also (i guess she's an Ariel wanna-be).

But it's kinda entertaining, very teeny-bopper like. But the story all boils down to Friendship. I was practically in tears towards the end of the film... it was a very touching movie.

But Sabrina's eyes were dry, not a teardrop in sight.

Oh well, i've always been a cry-baby when watching sad movies (kahit nga happy, umiiyak ako).

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Down with the Flu

Sabrina couldn't escape the flu last week. She didn't go to school from Tuesday thru Thursday.

I worked half-days during these 3 days. On Tuesday, while i was at work, she called me and very proudly said, "Mama, my temperature is one hundred and two!" I was laughing. She's still young enough to think that the higher the number, the better. Parang test score, or IQ.

When she grows up, she will realize that the bigger the number, the worse it could be. For example: weight, calories, cholesterol, and of course, age.

I remember when i was about Bree's age, i would weigh myself at my Lolo's house (they had a weighing scale, we didn't). I was forever waiting and praying for the number "60" to show up on the scale.

Now, i regret "wasting" my prayer for that weight.


I had mentioned in previous posts that Sabrina is part of the St. Robert Bellarmine Children's Church Choir. Well, last Sunday, she had her first "solo" performance. It wasn't a whole song, just one verse (couple of lines). It was during communion. Other kids have done their solo stint. And last Sunday was my baby's first time.

She was great! Her voice was loud, the words were clear, and most importantly, she was not out-of-tune. Kanino kaya nagmana? She did a very good job. She wasn't nervous at all. She was excited and very proud to have done the solo.

Now, she has the confidence to always volunteer for this solo performance.

I am so proud of my baby!